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Aquí podrás encontrar todos los tutoriales de яoυleттe. Son para Photoshop CS2 | CS3. Espero que te sirvan mucho, que con ellos puedas mejorar tu técnica de diseño y aprendas cosas nuevas.

tutos... {gabito grupos}
[G.G.] crear grupo
[G.G.] HTML lessons 
[G.G.] subseccions
[G.G.] hide sections 
[G.G.] fancy text
[G.G.] fancy links
[G.G.] tabla de colores
[G.G.] personaliza gg 
[G.G.] image menu
[G.G.] layout HTML
[G.G.] glamour links
[G.G.] menu w/ m.i.
  [G.G.] tip no. 1
[G.G.] tip no. 2
[G.G.] tip no. 3
[G.G.] tip no. 4
[G.G.] tip no. 5
[G.G.] tip no. 6
[G.G.] tip no. 7
[G.G.] tip no. 8
[G.G.] tip no. 9
[G.G.] tip no. 10

tutos... {photoshop}

   [P.S.] masking
[P.S.] graphic pen
[P.S.] unsharpen mask
[P.S.] poster edges
[P.S.] glow effect
[P.S.] guide for color
[P.S.] faking vexels
[P.S.] blending
[P.S.] blending ii
[P.S.] coord. polares
[P.S.] curve lines
[P.S.] halftone
[P.S.] light textures
[P.S.] fake vector lines
[P.S.] image lightener


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