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Popular Links

Links that no longer work are crossed through but left on the list as a reminder for me to check periodically to see if they pop up somewhere else.

Post a note on the General message board if you have a link to add to this page or to report a broken link, thanks! 

3D Text Maker - Create free 3D banners for your web pages. You can also make text siggies here.

Acme Label Maker - Make a label, including Dymo-style punch label.

Acme License Maker - Make a license plate with your name.

ASCII Text Maker - Input your text, choose a font style, then click the "Generate" button and view your ASCII text in the text box. Highlight your ASCII text and copy.

Bless This Chick - Avatar/Doll Maker.

CoolText - Online graphics generator for web pages and anywhere else you might need an impressive logo without a lot of work. We provide real-time generation of graphics customized exactly the way you want them.

Error Message Maker - Create free error messages.

Flaming Text - Make your own siggies and group banners here (plus much more).

GlitterMaker - You can personalize animated glittery text for your website, your weblog, or even your message board signatures!

Hollywood Walk of Fame Star - Create your HWof-style star.

ImageChef - Customize Photos, Clip Art.

Laie's Spray Paint Generator - This generator creates text that is spray painted by a smiley.

Learning About Your Keyboard - Ever wonder what all those keys do? This is your site. You'll learn all kinds of new key functions and shortcuts!

LilMsGlitter's Blinkies

Lunaii Dollmaker - Avatar/Doll maker.

Mazeguy Smilies - Hundreds of emoticons you can download and use in email, blogs, and message boards!

Otaku Avatar - Make your own Otaku Avatar!

Portrait Avatar Maker - Make your own people avatars.

Portrait Icon Maker - Make your own people icons.

Portrait Illustration Maker - Make your own "portrait".

Signbot - Make your own animated scrolling text LED sign.

Smiley Generator - Create your own unique smiley by picking a head, eyes, and a mouth. You can move each element around by clicking the arrows.

Click Here To Create Your Sign - Create a text sign with an assortment of smileys to hold up the sign.

storTroopers - Make your own "people"; also has gothTroops & fashionistaTroopers.

Text Colorizer - Create gradient text quickly and easily to add some color to your messages.

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