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Animations & Smilies
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Summer at Animations & Smilies

I have added lots of Summer animations and smileys as well as flash objects to the message boards and sourced links to other sites who provide linkable Summer images for your use.

If you are looking for a Summer animation or smiley that you can't find on this page, then you can request it here.

These animations and smileys have been added to the Smiley Central Message Board.
Smiley Central: Smileys, Super Smiley, Mobile Premium Super Smileys, Mobile Wallpaper Sports
GetSmile Smileys
Kolobok Smileys
PostSmile: Hot Summer Good Morning, Hot Summer Heat, Hot Summer Strawberries, Marine Pirates, Marine Seamen, Marine Underwater, Summer Forest, Summer Recreation, Summer Roses, Summer Garden, Summer Ocean
SweetIM Smileys
All Summer

These glitter animations have been added to the Webfetti board.
Glitter Animations

Offsite Sources for Linkable Summer Images

Animatedimages.org Summer:
Ants, Barbecue, Beach, Beach Volleyball, Diving, Dolphins, Fans, Hot, Palm Trees, Picnics, Rollercoasters, Swimming, Swimsuits, Summer Camps, Sun, Surfing, Thermometers, Treasures, Water, Water Sports, Waterfalls, Whales

Ants, Boats & Ships, Crabs, Dolphins, Fireworks, Fishing, Fountains, Frogs, Lighthouses, Lobsters, Pirates, Sailboarding, Scuba Diving, Sharks, Starfish, Surfing, Swimming, Treasure Chests, Water Skiing, Whales

AnimateIt.net Summer:
Aquatic & Fish, Boats, Campfire, Dolphin, Fireworks, Fishing, Flowers & Plants, Frogs & Toads, Mermaids, Pirates, Sunny & Sunshine, Water Sports, Whale & Orca

Emma's Home

Summer Gifs, Summer Lines & Headers, Summer Backgrounds, Summer Triples

Offsite Sources for Non-Linkable Summer Images

Webcreations with Jumpy Summer: Backgrounds, Blinkies, Graphics, Lines & Bars
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