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Motitags: Motitags Creature Emotions
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From: timber  (Original message) Sent: 15/07/2017 01:44
To use these Motitags CREATURE EMOTIONS images in your messages, use the copy-and-paste or drag-and-drop method for your browser.
Angry Alien Embarrassed Alien Happy Alien Kissy Alien Laughing Alien
Heart Eyes Love Alien Sad Alien Sick Alien Sleepy Alien Sobbing Alien
Angry Blinky Cool Wink Blinky Weepy Blinky Excited Blinky Happy Blinky
Hmmm Blinky Heart Eyes Love Blinky Sad Blinky Shocked Blinky Silly Blinky Tongue
Heart Balloon Monster Cupid Monster Hiccup Heart Monster Kissy Monster Lovesick Monster
Paint Heart Monster Spread Love Monster Cool Wink Monster Heart Eyes Monster Tongue XOXO Monster
Angry Robot Confused Robot Cool Wink Flirt Robot Laughing Robot Heart Eyes Love Robot
Sad Robot Shocked Robot Goofy Eyes Robot Tongue Sleepy Robot
Angry Tiki Cool Tiki Goofy Eyes Tiki Tongue Happy Tiki Kissy Tiki
Laughing Tiki Sad Tiki Shocked Tiki Sleepy Tiki Sobbing Tiki

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