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General: Tutorial Challenge: Pique Glitter Drops Text by timber (Animated)
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Reply Delete message  Message 1 of 43 on the subject 
From: timber  (Original message) Sent: 09/12/2008 03:23
Click here for the Pique Glitter Drops Text Tutorial

Click the header to go to the tutorial.

If you have any questions about this tutorial, please ask them on this thread.

And don't forget to show off your results when finished!


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Reply  Message 29 of 43 on the subject 
From: Daphne70 Sent: 20/12/2019 10:20
Oh and No,  I would not know how to make a larger canvas with the animated drops, so will need some help also on that ... thanks

Reply  Message 30 of 43 on the subject 
From: Daphne70 Sent: 20/12/2019 10:55
is this any better.... what i did was when first applying text i only applied it in black

Reply  Message 31 of 43 on the subject 
From: Daphne70 Sent: 20/12/2019 11:09
I am hoping now both tags are correct... 

Reply  Message 32 of 43 on the subject 
From: timber Sent: 20/12/2019 20:22
You're really close, Daphne, those tags look great!   I still see some of the drops outside the black text, but for the most part, they look correct.  If you're satisfied with your results, then you're good to go .  If you'd like your results to look exactly like the tutorial results, then maybe we could meet in the chat room some day and I could walk through the tutorial steps with you.

As to creating a larger canvas with the drops, I'll try to get some instructions written for that and get it posted.

Reply  Message 33 of 43 on the subject 
From: Daphne70 Sent: 20/12/2019 21:38
Thanks Timber,  I really dont know what I am doing wrong ... the only change I made this time was to only use the black only as the background colour and have the forground gold pattern closed..... so yes one day when you are not busy I would love to do it correctly as I really do love this tutorial... it can look so stunning with lots of different fonts..
I will look forward to your instructions on the creat a larger canvas also when you are not too busy.... as I know it is coming so close to xmas 
In saying all that I do sometimes have a problem reading as I tend to speed read and I also have a problem with being cross eyed at times ...lol   I am so enjoying all your tutorials and will get some more done asap.

Reply  Message 34 of 43 on the subject 
From: timber Sent: 21/12/2019 23:03
Daphne, I'm going to write some text instructions (no screenshots) for how to create the layered canvas for these types of 8-frames glitter drops, and hopefully you'll be able to manage.

  1. Open PSP and AS.
  2. In AS, open the glitter drops animation.  Edit>Select All.

  3. In PSP, Edit>AS Animation as Multiple Images.
  4. File>New (whatever size you'd like, raster background, color=white).
  5. Layers>New Raster Layer (name it '1').
  6. Layers>New Raster Layer (name it '2').
  7. Layers>New Raster Layer (name it '3').
  8. Repeat this until you have 8 numbered layers.

  9. Make layer 1 the active layer.
  10. Set the foreground material to pattern.  Look through the patterns to find the first of the eight drops images and choose it.
  11. Flood Fill the canvas (layer 1) with the first drops image.
  12. Hide layer 1.

  13. Make layer 2 the active layer.
  14. Set the foreground pattern to the second of the eight drops images.
  15. Flood Fill the canvas (layer 2) with the second drops image.
  16. Hide layer 2.

  17. Repeat this process until you have filled all eight layers with the eight drops images.

  18. File>Save As (give the new layered image a name like red-silver-drops01-layers or whatever name makes sense to you).

  19. Note: If you'd like your layered canvas to be consistent with mine, then you could also add a new raster layer below layer 1 and name it 'Gold'.

Reply  Message 35 of 43 on the subject 
From: Daphne70 Sent: 22/12/2019 01:21
Thanks Timber I shall try this  as well... I am sure it will help having instructions..   All your help is very much appreciated...even if I am sending myself crackers ..lol   but really enjoying the challenge .. because i have been in psp groups for over 20 years it has always been making tutorials ...Makes me laugh at myself to think I that I have done my own tutorials , web site and hundreds of animations..  so I am enjoying learning new things 

Reply  Message 36 of 43 on the subject 
From: timber Sent: 23/12/2019 00:44
And now for something really out there!

I really liked Judy's results using the gold-silver drops animation that she shared, so I wanted to give it a play.  Although I think Judy's results look great, I wasn't happy with the way the "gold" drops (which are kind of orange) looked with the gold outline on my text.  The two golds just seemed to clash no matter what font I chose.

So I took Judy's gold-silver drops (to the left) and replaced the four "gold" colors with four other colors using Animation Shop (Animation>Replace Color).  I'll share the four colors that I used in case you like my results.  The four colors that I used from light to dark are #F5EEC2, #DAD09F, #CBBB88, #BFAB79.  I picked these colors from the tbt-gold pattern.

The font I used is another awesome Kingthings Font called Gothique.  This font has holes in it that I selected, filled, glassed and colored.  I like the results because it reminds me of gemstones.  I experimented with other colors but nothing looked as good as this color, so that is why I used it.

I wanted to experiment again with an animated motion trail, so I added one using Eye Candy 4000 after having looked at Eye Candy 3 and Eye Candy 5 Impact.  If anyone knows of another filter that creates a motion trail, then please let me know.  At the apex of the motion trail I placed an animated star that I created to give the idea that the star is generating the motion trail towards the text .  I don't know if I succeeded there, but that was the idea .  Since the drops are only gold and silver, I colored them a little, but not so much as to remove all the gold, so the trail would blend in color with the "gemstones".  Normally I reduce the opacity of a motion trail but when I did, it looked so washed out, so I opted for full opacity.

If anyone is interested in any specific details, then let me know, and I can edit this post to include them.

Reply  Message 37 of 43 on the subject 
From: justjam Sent: 23/12/2019 02:55
Timber I love this!    Your animation is so cool and the colors are beautiful.  I love how your changed the gold colors in the glitter animation also.  What an imagination you have! 
You are right, the turquoise color looks like a gemstone.  This is an awesome tag.

Reply  Message 38 of 43 on the subject 
From: Daphne70 Sent: 23/12/2019 05:30
Timber  this tag is awesome  I love it .... I would love a tutorial please .... you come up with such great idea's

Reply  Message 39 of 43 on the subject 
From: Daphne70 Sent: 23/12/2019 05:35
Timber just another question ... I am finding it a real pain to use add a picture as I need to put my chrome onto flash all the time ... what does everyone else mainly use ... I have never used photobucket or others before  and I believe it does charge ...

Reply  Message 40 of 43 on the subject 
From: Daphne70 Sent: 28/12/2019 01:24
Just me asking annoying questions again... but I guess it is the only way to learn lol ..........  I cannot make the glitter drop animation change colour in Animation shop ...  agian your help appreciated.

Reply  Message 41 of 43 on the subject 
From: Daphne70 Sent: 02/01/2020 22:23
Hi Timber I hope you enjoy the holidays ... I hav enow just started to look at this  Text instructions on how to create layered canvas...  Could you please explain just a litte more on the first part .... which i am stuck on...  If I open my glitter drops in AS and edit select all , then go to my psp ,  the part that that says  "animation as multiple images is greyed out "  ... I guess i must be missing something ...   thanks Daphne 

Reply  Message 42 of 43 on the subject 
From: Daphne70 Sent: 05/01/2020 00:30
Hi Timber , well I eventually worked out what I was not doing , as in your instructions you said "in AS, open the glitter drops animation , edit>select all.  but I did not realise I had to then "Copy" then open up in PSP and edit  AS animation as Multiple images... so I am now moving on and have made my first larger set and will have a play with it .
Could you tell me how you made your Gothic font with with coloured glass  inserts... and how did you then add it to your layers file .... I am going to keep trying until I have it all worked out...lol I am sure I will send you all nuts before  too long with all my questions.. 

Reply  Message 43 of 43 on the subject 
From: Chuy Sent: 11/01/2020 02:47
Gracias Timber, hermoso tutorial.


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