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PSP Text Tutorials Index

Text tutorials don't seem to be as popular these days as when I first learned PSP, but I learned so many great techniques from completing the steps of these tutorials that I became addicted and even started writing my own text tutorials.  I highly recommend going through the steps to see what new things you can learn.  Many of these tutorials have disappeared but I was able to locate many of the oldies-but-goodies through the Wayback Machine!

**If you find any broken links on this page, will you please let me know on this thread here, thank you.

All tutorials are linked to the website.
Member results threads are indented and a link to the tutorial is within.

ABC PSP Tutorials: Website is in French, but you can use Google Translate.

Allison's Addictions Tutorials: Simple Glass Effect Using Summer Wordart Template

Arizona Kate's PSP Tutorials: Bubble Letters, Creative Lettering, Festive Double-Outlined (Cinco de Mayo)

CandeeKis Tutorials - PSP, Photoshop and Photo Impact: 3D, Cutout, Metal

Designs By Joy Tutorials: Color Text, Diamond Sparkle Two, Drink Coke, Girl Runs With Goose, Glitter, Knitted Name, Motion Trail, Outline Text, Sparkle Text

EQ Web Designs Tutorials: Beveled, Chiseled, Chrome, Cutout, Glowing, Pixellated

Just Imagine Tutorials by Judy:
Blast of Color, Cutout, Diamond Jiggler Bling, Diver Smiley, Gardenhose, Tiny Box Smiley, Vector Text Node Edit, Watery Grave

Mann Made Images Tutorials: Instant 3D, Double Gradient, Flyin', Plastic

MizTeeques Tutorials: Entwined Words, Word With Images Inside

Moon's Designs Tutorials: Cutout Effect, Rotating Colors Bar

Nanson's Place Tutorials: Auto Logo Chrome, Chocolate, Burnished Copper, Corona, Filigree, Metal, Shady Pewter, Tortoise Shell
Old English Metal

Nemesis Tutorials: Arachnophobic Squares, Blue Shades, Card Night, Country Sewing, Diamonds and Kisses, Elegant Red, Floating Hearts, Glitter, Golden Letters, Graffiti, Hippie, Mosaic Text Effect, Movie Time, Multicolored Text Using Vectors, PSP Files (Country Flag), Silly Cow, Smallpox, Star City, Striped, Swirlie, Text Effects Without Plugins, Top Hat, Underwater
Glass Bow, Rainbow, Shadowed Flowers, Timeless

New Dawn Designs Tutorials: Glassy, Ice

Pinoy7 Tutorials: 3D Chrome, Antique, Beveled, Carbon, Drips Text Effect, Gradient Filled, Hot, Image Filled, Neon Glow, Raised (embossed), See-Through, Text Cutout
Rust & Scratches

PSP Studio Tutorials by Annie: Colour Burst, Denim, Diamond, Diamond Studded, Falling, Floatie-Filled, Mirror, Motion Trail, Neon Sign, Outline, Text On An Arch

PSP Users Group Tutorials: Chrome, Playing with Vector Text, Stained Glass, Word Art Text Effect with Mesh Warp

Rebel Kreationz Tutorials:
Chrome Bling'n, Gold & Diamonds

SilentEyez Tutorials by Karla:
Glitter Sig, Kamikaze Halftone, Mish Mash, Stellar Bling

State of Entropy Webgraphics Tutorials: 3D Block, Cartoon 3D, Cookie Cutter, Flame, Frozen, Glass, Glass (using Lemon Jello SBP Preset), Golden, Jade, Outer Bevel, Radioactive Slime, Rainbow Candy, Vanishing Point

Sumrall Works Tutorials: 3D Filter, Carved, Chrome, Gold, Neon, Outlined, Rock Texture, Silver, Wood Texture

The End of Magic Tutorials: Broken, Dripping Chocolate (vector), Engraved (cutout), Image Filled, Painted, Shadowed
Chrome, Plastic

Timber Tags Tutorials:
Amazon Southwest, Autumn Deco Spice, Billo Disco Love Noisy Trail, Blackout Scene, Carnivale Cane, Etched Glass, Gold Bling, Groovy, Hearts Aglitter, Hollywood Fireworks, Holy Ravioli Serape, Melted Candle, Patriot, Pique Glitter Drops, Planet X Space, Ribbon Candy, See-Through, Snowman Bar, Sunrise 'n' Set, Windy Halftone

Whisper's Tutorials: Flaming, Glitter Letters, Glitter & Glass, Mosaic Glass, Picture-Filled, Retro, Speeding, Stamped Metal, Water

Miscellaneous Tutorials: Blinkie Text by Mari, Filling Text With Animated Patterns, Floating Heart Siggy by JoJo, Glass Glowing Text by Sassy, Quick Chrome by New Dawn Micro, Leather-Look Text by Judy at TOC, Text Blinkie by Shelia
DrumagStudioNF by Jossie, Glass Text by Kes, Glass & Sticker Effect by Lizzie, SuperBladePro Glitter Text by GreatKris, Surfer Tag by Kes

And if that isn't enough text tutorials for you, or if you're looking for something that isn't listed on this page, then you can check out all the Text Effects links at PSP Tutorial Links.  Don't get lost now, ya hear?
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