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PSP Halloween Tutorials Index

Many of these tutorials have disappeared, but thanks to the Wayback Machine, I was able to locate some of the oldies-but-goodies that you may remember from days past!

**If you find any broken links on this page, will you please let me know on this thread here, thank you.

All tutorials are linked to the website.
Member results threads are indented and a link to the tutorial is within.


Blaze *SAC* by Sugar
Devil (Forum Set) *AC* by Missy
Devilishly by Vix
Good vs. Bad (Template) by Missy
Hot Cross Hun *AC* by Vix
Red Devil by Zuzzanna
Devil (Diablita) by Mari, Hidden Personality (Personalidad Oculta) by Mari


Fire Witch by Zuzzanna
Halloween Fire by Anita
Mystical Fire (Ulead Particle) by The End of Magic
Wall of Fire by Zuzzanna
Weird Flame by Anita

Forum Style

Blue Goblin by Fiona
Circulator by Anita
Forum Style VIII by Vix
Lady Death by Anita
Rac Halloween by Anita
Witching Hour by Anita
Who's Afraid by Missy

Old School

666 by Schweetiangel
Are You Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf by Schweetiangel
Away by Zuzzanna
Bat Sig by Nemesis
Be My Victim by Mari; supplies
Bite Me by Zuzzanna
Broom by Mari
Bubble Bubble by Missy
Dark Diamonds by Vix
Date With Murder by Sugar **Bloody
Dungeon Keeper by Zuzzanna
Enter If You Dare by Schweetiangel
Ghost Effect by The End of Magic
Gone-A-Haunting by Sugar
Got Ya In My Web by TammyKat
Graveyard by Schweetiangel
Graveyard Mist by Sugar
Graveyards Delight by Zuzzanna
Hallow Halo by Vix
Halloween by Fiona
Halloween by Zuzzanna
Halloween Moon by Sugar
Halloween's Coming by Fiona
Haunt by Schweetiangel
Haunted Door *SAC* by Zuzzanna
Levitation *SAC* by Zuzzanna
Lovely Bones by Zuzzanna
Mashed Halloween by Fiona
Night Magic by Zuzzanna
Night Wind by Zuzzanna
Over Your Shoulder by Sugar
Season of the Witch Vol 1 by Vix
Season of the Witch Vol 2 by Vix
Season of the Witch Vol 3 by Vix
Shake Ghosty Shake by Hooteye
Shamaness by Zuzzanna
Spinning Fairy by Zuzzanna
Spooky Halloween *SAC* by Schweetiangel
Trick or Treat by Her Royal Tagtress
Trick or Treat by Schweetiangel
Underground World by Zuzzanna
Unicorn by Zuzzanna
Vampire Movie by Zuzzanna
Which Witch? by Fiona
Wings of Darkness by Tracey
Witch Candle by Zuzzanna
Witch Crossing by Zuzzanna
Terror by Mari


Halloweenies: Franky by Pracken
Halloweenies: Ghost by Pracken
Halloweenies: Pumpkin by Pracken
Halloweenies: Witch by Pracken
Valenteenies: Witch by Pracken


Beware by Missy
Haunted Brew (FTU) by LadyAries
Wicked (FTU) by Diane
Poison (FTU) by Vivienne


Bat by Pracken
Devilish Duckie by Pracken
Dripping Blood by Pracken
Ghost by Pracken
Haunted House by Pracken
Little Ghost Alpha Selections by Pracken
Miss October Witch by Pracken
Munster House by Pracken
Pumpkin Kids Boy by Pracken
Pumpkin Kids Girl by Pracken
Witch Hat by Nemesis
Witch's Cauldron Alpha Selections by Pracken


Drips by Pinoy7
Flame by State of Entropy
Radioactive Slime by State of Entropy
Spiders Web by Joy
Zombie by CienPSP
Bat Floaty Name by Yarrow


Delmar the Spider by Lady TX/Midnite Design
Halloween 2006 Graveyard by Pracken
Pumpkin by Nemesis
Pumpkin Face by Nemesis
Tombstone by Rosie
Witch's Cauldron by Rosie

Miscellaneous Tutorials: Animated Jack'o'Lantern by Rosie, Glow Effect by The End of Magic, Halloween Sign by Rosie, Make Your Own Tombstone

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