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General: Tutorial Challenge: Bars by Lithy (Forum Style)
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Reply Delete message  Message 1 of 11 on the subject 
From: timber  (Original message) Sent: 08/01/2018 02:22

This tutorial uses two pay filters, but you can get by with free filters. I used Xenofex 2 Constellation on one of my tags and VM Natural Sparkle on the other to show you variety. The other plugin filter used is MuRa`s Meister Copies.

I really enjoyed the results of this tutorial as I`m quite fond of geometric style graphics. I don`t think I`ve ever used the Throw setting on the Copies filter, so that was nice to try something new.

Before I settled on using the Constellation filter, I made a tag using VM Natural Sparkle.

For the Copies step of the tutorial, I changed my settings.  I changed the width of the selection from 20 to 18 because I started with a smaller canvas (I`m used to making smaller tags for another forum with a tag width limit of 500 pixels), so I changed the width of the bar slats to be more in proportion to my smaller canvas size.  After filling the 18 pixel wide first bar slat, I moved it to the left (instead of leaving it centered on the canvas).  I changed the number of copies to 11 (instead of using 10 from the tutorial), because I wanted the bar slats to fill the space of the canvas all the way to the far right of the canvas.  I believe I changed the Shift X setting also so that the slats were closer together.

I duplicated my tube layer and offset it so that it would appear in the bar slats area.  I deleted all the tube except for the portion that appears inside the slats, changed the blend mode to burn, and reduced the opacity.

I did all of my drop shadows differently than the tutorial.  For the tube "drop shadow", I:
  1. duplicated the tube layer,
  2. moved this layer down in the layer palette below the tube layer,
  3. offset the duplicate layer to the right and lower using effects/image effects/offset (horizontal: 3, vertical: -1),
  4. applied a gaussian blur of 2,
  5. changed the blend mode to Difference, and
  6. reduced the opacity.
I`ve never done a "drop shadow" quite like this before but I was quite pleased with the drop shadow effect that it created for this image.  I think the color blends nicely and doesn`t have that dirty appearance that I get so often using the normal drop shadow filter.  I did a similar effect for the drop shadow on the slats.  For the "drop shadow" on the text, I duplicated the text layer, moved the duplicate below the text layer, offset it (H:1, V:-1), then changed the blend mode to Burn.

I added a horizontal bar, for placing my text, and I filled it with the same gradient that I used for the background (I changed the angle to 90).  I added a contrasting outline around all the slats and the bar, changed the blend mode to Screen and reduced the opacity.

For my frame, I filled it with a medium color, applied an inner bevel (bevel=2, width=1, smoothness=10, depth=10, ambience=-53, shininess=22, color=white, angle=315, intensity=75, elevation=50), contracted the selection by 3, then deleted the selection.  I liked the sort of button appearance that it gives to the tag.

For the Constellation step of the tutorial, I couldn`t get my filter to set the star size as indicated.  The lowest I could get my Star Size to set is 2.00.  As much as I tried, I couldn`t get the effect as mentioned in the tutorial, so I had to play with the settings.  I applied the filter to the inside of the slats as it is in the tutorial, but it didn`t look good to me as I had the larger size stars and they were covering too much of the tube inside the slats.  So that`s when I tried using the VM Natural Sparkle filter.  You can see my tag above to see the filter applied within the slats.  If you`re interested in the settings for the Sparkle filter, I used the default settings and only changed the Max Size and Random Seed for three frames of animation (19/119, 18/118, 21/121).  For the animation, I changed the display time to 15.

But I wasn`t completely satisfied with the Sparkle as I really wanted to use the Constellation filter.  So I decided to apply the filter to the outlines of the slats (rather than the inside of the slats).  I`ll share the settings that I used for the Constellation filter in case you like the effect (2, 100, 1, 1, 100, 10, angle=45, make selection transparent).

The fonts I used are Emily Regular for the name and Century Gothic (size 7) for the image credit.  For the image credit, I used a medium blue color and then changed the blend mode to Difference.

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Reply Delete message  Message 2 of 11 on the subject 
From: nonniedeb Sent: 10/02/2012 13:46
A relatively easy tut with sooooo many possibilities. This is what I did with it.

I used Ekaterina Velikaya One size 36 for the font and looked through my "floaties" folder for the dandelion seeds.

I use Nonnie in another group because there's another Debbie and I'm kinda possessive with my tags lol.

Reply Delete message  Message 3 of 11 on the subject 
From: timber Sent: 10/02/2012 17:41
Oh, my... that's really lovely, Debbie! The colors are so soft and the tube that you chose is beautiful. What a clever idea to add the floaties to the tag! It's a great set! Thank you for the name of the font that you used. It fits this tag perfectly.

Thank you for posting a tutorial challenge! This one looks easy to do, so I think I can pull myself away from my other computer-time-hogging duties and give this one a play .

LOL @ being possessive about your tags!

I don't guess that I have that kind of competition for my tags with a nickname like timber .

Reply Delete message  Message 4 of 11 on the subject 
From: timber Sent: 11/02/2012 20:20
Debbie, thanks for bringing Cathy Martin to my attention on that other tutorial thread . I went to look at the tubes that I have of hers, and I found one that I liked for this tag.

I made a pressie for you :).

I used Lightfeather's name as a placement for centering the text, so I made the first tag for Lightfeather. And before I settled on using the Constellation filter, I made a tag using VM Natural Sparkle. I'll post the sparkle tag that I made for Lightfeather below so you can see the variation.

Lightfeather, I also made you a tag using the constellation filter, and you can save it by clicking here.

I really enjoyed the results of this tutorial as I'm quite fond of geometric style graphics. I don't think I've ever used the Throw setting on the Mura's Copies filter, so that was nice to try something new.

Reply Delete message  Message 5 of 11 on the subject 
From: nonniedeb Sent: 13/02/2012 11:49
My new tag is darling timber. Thank you so much for making it for me.
I like the bling on the outer edges of the bars. Classy!
Thanks for telling us how you made your tags.
I didn't know about the throw setting either. I've been making tags for so many years, I'm amazed at just how little I know.

Reply Delete message  Message 6 of 11 on the subject 
From: JessieJo Sent: 15/02/2012 21:48
I really had a hard time with this one so I really had to punt.
I just could not get it.. and the settings took me forever to figure out.
anyway this is what I came up with.

And pressies for: Cheetah here, Debbie here, and Timber here.

Reply Delete message  Message 7 of 11 on the subject 
From: Lightfeather Sent: 16/02/2012 03:38
Timber, thanks for the wonderful tag!!
All these look awesome

Reply Delete message  Message 8 of 11 on the subject 
From: Cheetah Sent: 16/02/2012 16:11
Debbie thank you very much for the link to this tutorial - your tag is sooo beautiful
JessieJo thanks for thinking of me - love my new tag

Reply Delete message  Message 9 of 11 on the subject 
From: timber Sent: 16/02/2012 18:15
You're very welcome, Debbie and Lightfeather!

Debbie, I know... for as many years as I've been playing, there's still so much to explore and learn. I suppose that is why I still love to play. It amazes me when I hear that people have lost their mojo. When I start to feel "stale" I get away from tuts and making tags and I just explore the filters until I find something that inspires me.

JessieJo, I guess punting works well for you because you results are beautiful! I love the added ribbon and flower and the placement of it and how you added the animated pixel butterflies. Do butterflies gather nectar from flowers? There's one there that looks like it's feeding; love it. Great choice of font, too. Thanks so much for the pressie!

JessieJo, I see "SDjos" in the filename for this tag. Is this a tag that I should add to my "Jossie" album of tags?

Reply Delete message  Message 10 of 11 on the subject 
From: JessieJo Sent: 16/02/2012 19:23
Thanks Timber for the nice words about the tag. I'm glad you like it.
This is a Colab tag but mostly mine.
Have a nice day. JJ

Reply Delete message  Message 11 of 11 on the subject 
From: nonniedeb Sent: 20/02/2012 09:34
Thank you so much for my new tag JessieJo. I love that you added the little butterflies. Nice touch!

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